DIY Belle and Boo boys room art

Belle and Boo for boys

I’ve been smitten with Belle and Boo products ever since I came across them about 5 years ago.  The collection of adorable illustrations are inspired by French children playing, and I just love them.

I’d always dreamt of having a picture perfect nursery, but back when JJ was first born we lived in a cramped little flat.  This meant that instead of sleeping in a beautifully decorated nursery, JJ ended up having to share a room with a huge elliptical trainer, a desk, and several book shelves.  I did my best to decorate it, and make it look and feel as nice as I could, but as JJ grew it just got even more cramped.

So when we moved into our house a year and a half ago, I was determined to give JJ the room I’d always wanted him to have. One he could call his very own, and one that I could decorate as I had always wanted.

It’s now a year later, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way JJ’s room turned out.  I’m still finding little bits and pieces to add to it, and my most recent addition is a piece of wall art I made myself using some adorable post cards from Belle and Boo featuring a little boy named Ellis who reminds me so much of JJ.

Belle and Boo postcards

I found it too hard to choose which postcards I wanted to use for this project so I ordered a few extras.  I ended up choosing the ones that remind me most of JJ.  The little dinosaur costume was almost identical one of his previous Halloween costumes, he’s got a rocking horse in his room which he frequently plays ‘cowboys’ on, and he’s got a pirate costume that dresses up in quite often.

Belle and Boo postcards

I purchased the frame (including inner matt) from Sainsbry’s for about £5, and then just added in my postcards which were £1 each.  I’m so pleased with the way my DIY Belle and Boo boys room art turned out.  For only £8 I’ve made a gorgeous framed piece that looks amazing in JJ’s room, and reminds me so much of him. Whenever JJ looks at it, he always points and says it’s a ‘little JJ’.

Belle and Boo postcards

I hope Belle and Boo come out with more illustrations for little boys soon!

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