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The Top 5 Reasons For Starting My Blog

I’ve been a food blogger for over 5 years and I’ve loved every moment of it, but there was always more than just cookies and cake that I wanted to share with all my readers.  I just didn’t feel that my baking blog was the right place to do it.

I’ve wanted to start this blog for a long time, and struggled for well over a year with the whole design of it.  I wanted something clean and simple. Something that made me feel free. But in my typical overachiever perfectionist style, I tried unsuccessfully (several times) to design something from scratch.  I love trying out new things and learning new skills, but I sometimes I take on too much. In the end, I bit the bullet and took the easy way out by purchasing a pre-made template. But I still do plan on learning how to design my own templates. And when I do, I’ll share them with you. Someday….

But for now, I’ll share with you my:

Top 5 Reasons For Starting My Blog

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