What JJ Wore – Trendy Yellow Trousers

I’ve got a bit of an issue with children’s clothing shops.  The selection of boys clothing is virtually non-existent compared to the girls!  And of the selection that is available, I find the majority of it is well, childish!  I know, I know, they’re children you say, but why does being a child – especially a little boy mean that you have to compromise on style?  Can’t boys dress well too?

I’ve never been a fan of character t-shirts, cutesy designs, and cheesy sayings like ‘Mummy’s little angel’.  I’ve always called JJ my ‘little man’, and from the day he was born I’ve dressed him that way.

No creatures

We prefer simpler styles with minimal designs on them.  Our friends and family have come to realise that JJ’s got a style all of his own, and it’s unlikely that they’ll ever see him in a t-shirt with a happy little monster on it, so there’s no point in gifting him one.

I do struggle to find shops that regularly stock stylish clothing for boys, but I’ve managed to find a few that I can count on.  I’ve decided to create a regular series of posts where I’ll share the outfits that JJ wears, and I hope you guys will share the outfits your children wear as well.


In the coming weeks I’ll be starting a link up for other parents to share their children’s favourite outfits from the week.

The first outfit I’m sharing pairs JJ’s trendy yellow trousers with a navy knit sweater.

Boys Yellow Trousers
Yellow trousers (once white trousers) are from Vertbaudet, Navy sweater is from the GAP, Hat & Shoes are Polo Ralph Lauren.

JJ’s has worn these yellow trousers for nearly a year, and they’re still one of my favourite pairs of trousers he owns.  Last year I needed to buy JJ a pair of yellow trousers for a particular costume.  After scouring the shops and every website I could think of with no luck at all, I ended up buying a white pair and dying them yellow myself.  I never could have imagined how much use JJ would get out of these yellow trousers.  And a year later, it seems like the yellow trend is really catching on.

I’ve spotted loads of yellow trousers in the shops this season.  Below are some of my favourites.

 Boys Trendy Yellow Trousers

Boys Yellow Trousers

1. Vertbaudet  2. Vertbaudet  3. Boden  4. Vertbaudet  5. Crew  6. Next  7. Vertbaudet  8. Monsoon 

 Does your little one have their own style? Do you have a favourite shop where you buy their clothes? Comment and let me know because I’m always on the lookout for new places to buy JJ’s clothes!

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